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Ben's Original, formerly called Uncle Ben's, is an American brand of parboiled rice and other related food products that were introduced by Converted Rice Inc., which was first marketed in 1943 
BEN'S ORIGINAL™ Parboiled Long Grain White Rice
Premium quality rice that delivers consistent results. BEN'S ORIGINAL™ Long Grain White Rice supports a healthy heart* and a well-balanced diet. It is enriched with vitamins and iron and naturally fat free. No wonder it’s an American classic!
Nutritional claims & product benefits
Sodium Free
Excellent Source of Folate
Naturally Fat Free
Cholesterol Free
0g Trans Fats & No Saturated Fat
Gluten Free
*Diets low in saturated fats and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease




Ben's Original Enriched Long Grain White Parboiled Rice (25 lbs.)

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